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Prevailing with a Property Liability Claim

Dangerous and defective consumer products injure scores of people each year in the State of Washington. It could happen to anyone. If you’re injured using a defective consumer item, discuss your legal options at once with an Olympia product liability attorney at Capital Injury Law.

We represent victims who bring product liability claims arising from injuries that involve medical products and supplies, tools, machinery, vehicles, appliances, toys, and almost every other consumer product.

If a dangerous or defective consumer product is a motor vehicle or a motor vehicle part, anyone who’s on a roadway with that vehicle will be at risk. If a dangerous or defective item is a pharmaceutical product, the result of using it could be fatal.

How can you recover compensation if you’ve been injured by a defective consumer item? When should you speak to a product liability lawyer? What compensation can you recover, and what will it cost to take legal action? Keep reading, because these questions are about to be answered.

Product Liability

In a Product Liability Case, What Will You Have to Prove?

Under Washington law, the manufacturers of defective or dangerous consumer products may be found liable and ordered by a court to compensate injury victims for any damage caused by their products. Three kinds of defects generate product liability claims:

  1. Marketing defects include inaccurate labeling and inadequate instructions or warnings.
  2. Manufacturing defects happen when a product is assembled or produced.
  3. Design defects are “built-in” flaws that make a product defective or hazardous.

If your Olympia product liability attorney can prove that you were injured using a product that was defective in one of these three ways, you will recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, personal suffering and pain, and your other injury-related losses.

A manufacturer in a product liability case may claim that an injured victim ignored the instructions and warnings or used the product in a manner that it wasn’t meant to be used. To prevail with your product liability claim, you must have been using the item as it was intended.

How Can You Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe?

Product Liability

Keep your sales receipts and related documents whenever you purchase consumer products. If you are injured using a power tool or kitchen appliance that you’ve had for several years, you might not remember where you bought it.

The labels on a product may also fade after a few years, and if you cannot identify a product’s manufacturer, you can’t take legal action or recover compensation.

If you’ve been injured while you were using a defective product, seek medical treatment immediately. Take photos of your injuries and the site where the accident happened. Gather any receipts, labels, and other pertinent documents.

When Should You Contact an Attorney?

The State of Washington has a three-year statute of limitations – that is, a three-year deadline – for filing a product liability claim, but if you’ve been injured, don’t wait even three weeks to contact a product liability attorney at Capital Injury Law.

Your attorney needs to see the physical evidence in your product liability case while it’s fresh, and any witnesses need to be questioned before their memories fade. Contact Capital Injury Law as soon as you’ve been examined and treated for your product-related injury.

Capital Injury Law is dedicated to providing top notch legal representation for individuals and businesses who have suffered as a result of product liability. Our team of experienced product liability attorneys can help you seek compensation for any losses incurred as a result of a product defect, manufacturer negligence or inadequate product warnings. We understand that product liability claims can be complex and time-consuming, so our attorneys will work closely with you to create an individualized strategy best suited to your specific needs.

product liability

We Guarantee a Thorough Investigation and Specialized Attention

At Capital Injury Law, we understand the importance of thorough investigation into product liability cases in order to properly assess the claim and seek maximum financial compensation. To ensure the most comprehensive approach possible, we utilize an extensive network of professionals, including product engineers and safety consultants in order to create a compelling case on behalf of our clients. Our experienced trial attorneys also provide personalized representation at mediation with product manufacturers or sellers when negotiating product-related settlements.

We also recognize that each product liability claim is unique and require specialized attention. That’s why our attorneys are dedicated to providing individualized counsel designed to meet each client’s specific needs and goals. We work diligently to stay abreast of legal developments within product liability law in order to ensure that our clients get the support they need throughout the entire process. Through education and advocacy, we strive to empower our clients with sound advice and representation throughout every stage of their case—from initial consultation through resolution.

Product Safety Protects Us All

At Capital Injury Law, we believe that product safety is paramount, and take great pride in helping those who have been affected by dangerous products receive justice they deserve. With decades of experience working on product-related cases across various industries, we have established ourselves as trusted advisors in the realm of product liability law—and are committed to providing knowledgeable counsel in order to achieve successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Contact Us Today to Address Your Product Liability Claim

If you feel you have a product liability claim and want to further investigate what you should do about it with a professional, contact Capital Injury Law today. Speak with a lawyer who is on your side and will be there to answer all your questions. Visit our contact form section or call us at 360-209-3360.

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