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Make the Most of your Initial Consultation

Capital Injury Law

Capital Injury

Taking the first step to meet with a personal injury lawyer can feel overwhelming. At Capital Injury Law of Olympia, WA, our firm’s goal is to make the process seamless to take the burden off clients, many of whom are facing life-changing situations and injuries, as the process of reviewing a personal injury case begins. 

While we don’t require clients to have any documents with them at Capital Injury Law, if they are easily available here is a quick list of items to get the most out of your initial consultation with legal counsel:

  • Accident and/or incident reports: If your injuries were caused by a car accident, law enforcement usually create a Police Traffic Collision Report. The report has brief details on what caused the accident and identifies the drivers and their insurance companies, along with names and any witnesses. If the injury happened at work, it’s common to have the employer and/or the state Department of Labor & Industries create a record to document the worksite injury and how it occurred. These documents can determine who is responsible.
  • Medical and health insurance documents: If you get medical treatment, you are usually sent home with—or can access online—a Discharge Summary or Visit Summary.  These are helpful to understand your specific injuries and to begin the process of reviewing your options.
  • Company, home, auto or other insurance documents: If you have received any letters or emails from any insurance company about your injuries or the accident, those communications are important to any potential claim.
  • Photographs: If you have photographs of the accident or worksite injury scene, damage to vehicles or equipment, your injuries, or anything else that caused your injuries, these may be essential to your case.
  • Receipts and documentation for out-of-pocket costs and lost wages: If you had to purchase prescriptions or other medical necessities after the accident and/or incident or had to take days off work, this documentation will help with any financial claim that may move forward. Medical documentation directing time off or medical prescriptions or devices post-accident is very helpful.
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Again, do not be intimidated by this list because the lawyer with Capital Injury Law can easily gather any documentation you do not have after the consultation. The important piece is to make sure you get the best advice to move forward with an actionable personal injury claim. 

If the at-fault party’s insurance company contacts you about the claim, be sure to consult with a lawyer before responding.

In summation, it’s always better to consult with an attorney at Capital Injury Law before moving forward with a settlement or feeling pushed to a claim resolution before understanding what your rights are and all your legal remedies.

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