The Humane Society tells us that more than half of the victims of dog bites in this nation are children. If your child is bitten by a dog in the Olympia area, seek medical care at once for your child, and then schedule a consultation with an Olympia dog bite lawyer at Capital Injury Law.

When a dog bites and seriously injures a child, what are your rights as a parent? Can you seek compensation for your medical bills from the dog’s owner? What steps will you need to take?

If you will continue reading, these questions will be answered in this short introduction to dog bites, the law, children, and your rights as a parent.

How Does “Strict Liability” Work?

Under Washington law, a dog’s owner is “strictly” liable for dog bite injuries suffered by anyone who is “in or on a public place or lawfully in or on a private place including the property of the owner” of the dog.

“Strict liability” makes a dog owner liable for a dog bite whether or not the owner was negligent or aware that the dog had aggressive tendencies. Even after taking all reasonable measures, dog owners are still liable for an injury victim’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and related losses.

Strict liability, however, applies only to the injuries caused by dog bites. To win compensation for other injuries caused by dogs or other animals, the injury victim and his or her attorney will have to prove that the animal’s owner was negligent in a manner that caused the injury to occur.

What Are the Consequences of Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog bites may cause severe and even catastrophic injuries. In the U.S., over four million dog bites are reported every year. In 2020, biting dogs were responsible for forty-six fatalities in the United States.

Biting dogs may cause severe injuries, serious nerve damage, and a considerable blood loss. Dog bites may also cause rabies, staph infections, and strep infections. If a biting dog shows rabies symptoms or cannot be found quickly, a physician may order rabies vaccinations for the victim.

Some dog bites require skin grafting or other kinds of reconstructive surgery. Recovery for a dog bite victim sometimes takes months and may require long-term therapy and/or multiple surgeries.

Families have a legal right under Washington State law to full compensation for dog bite-related medical costs as well as projected future medical costs when their child is a dog bite victim. An Olympia dog bite lawyer at Capital Injury Law will fight for justice on your family’s behalf.

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