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Be Prepared for an Accident

A personal injury claim can be a big deal. No one wants to think about getting into a car, bike or motorcycle accident, but being prepared can help individuals navigate the next steps in a personal injury claim with greater ease.

In a previous blog, we outlined the critical things you should do at an accident scene. Gathering information for a personal injury claim, names and numbers of drivers and police officers, and capturing photos as possible is key to having good records later.

personal injury claim

To do this, here is a quick list of items you should have with you at all times while driving, biking, walking or running around the neighborhood, or heading out on your motorcycle for a lovely summer ride in our beautiful state.

  1. Smartphone: This may be obvious, but even if you’re just heading out for a short trip to the grocery store, a phone plays a vital role. Aside from calling the police for help, it allows for capturing video and photos at an accident scene. It can be used to gather contact information for witnesses, others involved in the accident and police officer information on the scene. Your insurance company generally has an app to upload your accident scene photos immediately after it is cleared and you are in a safe place to do so.
  2. Notepad and pen: When in doubt, going old-school is always a good option. While not always practical when walking or biking (hint: that’s where the smartphone comes in), having a pen and notepad is very useful in a hectic situation. The ability to pass around a notepad and pen to gather witness and officer information, write down pertinent information, like license plates, and make note of anything that may be good to have later should a personal injury claim move forward is always helpful. There are water-resistant notepads that fit in a pocket available, but any old notepad will do.
  3. Medical card: We often run out of the house for a quick errand or short lunch with a friend with a license and some form of payment. But, always have your medical card on hand. In the instance an accident sends you to the hospital for care, this can streamline insurance billing and coverage at the time of the first treatment. Having this information from the start of treatment can be key in gathering information should a personal injury claim be filed.
personal injury claim

First and foremost, always gather information only when it is safe to do so. We recommend individuals run through an accident checklist a couple times a year to make sure you have the things you need with you in the event of an accident. And, as always, consult a personal injury attorney, like our team at Capital Injury Law, before accepting any settlement offer from an insurance company. Capital Injury Law is always here with a great team of experienced attorneys to help you out!

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