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Let’s Talk About Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips and Falls? From a car accident to a slip and fall accident in a busy grocery store, it’s often hard to tell who is at fault for the accident. How many of us have been rolling our cart through a busy store and tripped or slipped? Actually, it’s most of us.

It’s easy to get up and shake off the pain and, yes, embarrassment when what we should do is stop and assess the situation and where you are hurt.. Was there a puddle on the floor? Did someone leave an item in the aisle? Shaking it off, even if it seems like a minor injury, as we have discussed in a previous blog, can leave you with injuries that need medical attention and without any means of recouping those costs, lost work time or other financial burdens due to the fall later.

Yes, sometimes these falls are our fault, but there are many times they are not. So, what should you do in the event of a slip, trip or fall at a workplace, business or other public location?

Do not admit fault – our tendency is to hop up and apologize for the scene, but be sure to slow down and assess the scene of the accident.
Stay on the ground and assess yourself for injury and anything that hurts or is bleeding.
Ask for medical attention if needed and make sure to have your medical doctor note all injuries sustained in the incident.
Ask for assistance from a store clerk or fellow employee to document the fall and location of it.
If a police presence is necessary, make sure they file an accident report.
Get witness contact information.
If you have the ability to take photos of the scene, do so. At the very least, make notes of anything unusual in the accident report – a puddle, rolled carpet or other hazard.

Much like a car accident, the more documentation you have, the better any future case outcome may be.

Finally, contact Capital Injury Law for a free consultation of your case. We can go through the documents – even help you gather them – and assess the nature of a personal injury case and support you through the process of settlement and court hearings.

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